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Remote monitoring system device support

Indicator lights and troubleshooting

Find out what the indicator lights mean on your LATITUDE Communicator.

Troubleshooting help

For help troubleshooting your Communicator, please see pages 51-74 of the LATITUDE Patient Manual or contact LATITUDE Customer Support.

What do the lights mean?

See the chart below for an explanation of some of the most common lights on your Communicator. For an explanation of all the lights on your Communicator, please see “Indicator Descriptions,” starting on page 9 or “Troubleshooting,” on page 51 of the LATITUDE Patient Manual.

what lights mean

What should I do if the Heart Button is flashing?

Press and release the Heart Button. The Heart Button is flashing because the communicator needs to complete a scheduled interrogation. A flashing Heart button does not indicate there is a problem with your implanted device.

What does the flashing yellow LATITUDE indicator light mean?

The LATITUDE indicator light flashes yellow briefly during the startup process and flashes yellow longer during a software upgrade.  The LATITUDE indicator light turns green after the startup process or software upgrade is complete.

Making sure your Communicator is working

To confirm that your Communicator is operating normally, follow these simple steps:

1. Press the status button on the back of the Communicator for one second.

set up status button

2. If the Communicator lights up as shown below, your last interrogation was successful. The lights will turn off automatically after two minutes.

confirm successful operation

What happens if the power goes out?

The Communicator has internal memory that stores your interrogation and other information in case the power is interrupted or the power cord is unplugged. The LATITUDE indicator light will turn green after power is restored to the Communicator.

Frequently asked questions

You should place your device following guidelines of the specific type of adapter you are using. For most adapters, you should place your Communicator:

  • Near an electrical outlet that is easily accessible
  • Close to where you sleep or near your bedside, within 10 feet (3 meters). If this isn’t possible, place your Communicator where you spend a considerable amount of time each day
  • Where you can sit comfortably and see the front of the Communicator
  • Place communicator at least 3 feet (1 meters) away from other electronics
  • Don't place communicator on top of metal surfaces

Communicator placement based on connection type:

Mobile data network:

Position your Communicator in a location where you get a good mobile signal.

Internet (using the LATITUDE USB Ethernet Adapter):

Place your Communicator near your internet modem/router.

Learn more about connecting your Communicator

No. The LATITUDE system is not meant to assist with health emergencies. If you are not feeling well, call your health care provider or dial 000.

The Heart Button is designed to enable you to manually obtain data from your implanted device. This feature must be enabled by your health care provider. Only press the Heart Button if it is flashing, or when instructed to do so by your health care provider.

  1. Press the Heart Button and stay within arm’s reach of the Communicator while it completes the interrogation.
  2. When all the waves light solid green and the doctor icon lights blue as shown here for two minutes, the Communicator has successfully sent your data.

Resources & support

We’re here to help

Our LATITUDE Customer Support team is here to support you throughout your journey.

Australia: (+61) 1800 528 488

New Zealand: (+64) 0508 200 886

Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00AM – 5:00PM AEST  / AEDT

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