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Expert Link - Remote technology and connectivity solutions for healthcare professionals Expert Link - Remote technology and connectivity solutions for healthcare professionals


Suite of services enabled by remote technologies, to connect healthcare professionals to clinical and technical support.


Support when you need it, where you need it

Boston Scientific ExpertLink remote connectivity solution represents a diverse set of services, enabled by remote technologies. It allows you to remain connected to clinical and technical support, assisting you to deliver care to your patients.

The aim is to expand your options to train on procedures, set up Boston Scientific products , receive capital equipment technical services, and communicate with your peers anytime and anywhere.

ExpertLink brings you more flexibility to manage your time and avoid unnecessary travel. Together, we can reduce the impact on our environment, and help your sustainability efforts.

Take a look at the portfolio of services enabled by remote technologies.

Services covered

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Remote preceptorship

Live cases and briefing sessions broadcasted remotely to a group of physicians


  • As a mentee, ease the connection with industry leading experts around the world, without organisational or distance barriers.
  • As a mentor, increase easiness of teaching procedures to a wide group of physicians around the world.
  • Facilitate the connection with peers and expand your network.
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Remote proctoring

Tutoring session with an expert clinician, the proctor, who provides a physician instruction, guidance and training to ensure the safe use of a Boston Scientific device, while performing the procedure.


  • As a mentee, facilitate the connection with industry leading experts around the world.
  • As a proctor, expand your teaching opportunities, and provide proctoring services without leaving your practice.
  • Facilitate the connection with peers and expand your network.
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Case support

Getting support from a Boston Scientific clinical specialist on a procedure or a Boston Scientific device


  • Increase the ease of connection with our specialists to support you during a procedure.
  • Benefit from receiving fast and real-time support.
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Equipment set-up

Getting support remotely to set-up a Boston Scientific device, an equipment installation, and troubleshooting


  • Within a few clicks, reach one of our specialists, remotely, for troubleshooting support.
  • Easily connect with our specialists who will support and guide you during the equipment set up.

Technologies used

To cover the services mentioned above, ExpertLink offers multiple levels of support ranging from mobile-device based to full integrated connectivity solutions.

A few examples include:

Help Lightning

Support in your pocket

HelpLighting remote visual assistance software for healthcare professionals

App-based solution that uses augmented reality to blend two real-time video streams into an interactive environment where the specialist can annotate, use hand gestures, freeze images and more.

The technology’s advantages:

  • Immediate connection with the healthcare professionals.
  • Easy to use, scan a QR code or click on a link and get access to it without any further action.
  • No need for software or hardware installation.

Smart Glasses

Seeing through your eyes

Smart Glasses remote communication device that connects  healthcare professionals with the remote expert

A hands-free GDPR-compliant communication device that connects the operator (the person wearing the glasses) with the remote expert. Providing the remote expert with an OR/Cath Lab integrated view thanks to a full suite of hardware solutions.

The technology advantages:

  • Multiple feeds so the remote expert feels they are in the room.
  • Easy interface.
  • WebinOR function to allow a remote audience to participate in the session.

InTouch Mini

Your virtual OR​/Cath Lab

InTouch Mini telehealth communication device that connects healthcare professionals with remote viewers

A secure, GDPR-compliant communication device that enables video and audio communication between an operator in a healthcare setting and a remote viewer or viewers.

The technology’s advantages:

  • High quality built-in camera.
  • Tilt, pan and rotating screen.
  • The operator can see the remote person and pictures sent on the screen.

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